The Faith of Omne and Its Divine Aspects
The Faith of Omne is an ancient and rare religion centered around the worship of Omne, "the One God," who created the universe and then withdrew. Omne left behind powerful aspects to govern different elements of existence, each with their own distinct personalities and domains. This structure creates a unique, multifaceted religion that adds depth and intrigue to your D&D campaign.

Omne, The One God
Domains: All encompassing, creator of the universe.
Symbol: An unadorned circle representing unity and eternity.
Nature: Omne is unknowable, omnipresent, and does not interact directly with the world.
The Divine Aspects of Omne
The aspects are divine manifestations of Omne's power, each governing different elements of the universe. They are more accessible to mortals and have distinct appearances and personalities.

Nekti, God of Fire

Domains: Fire, Forge, War
Appearance: A tall, thin man in a black suit and red tie
Symbol: A blazing flame
Followers: Blacksmiths, warriors, and those who harness fire for creation and destruction.
Role: Nekti inspires passion, courage, and transformation through fire.
Hahda, Goddess of Air

Domains: Air, Tempest, Freedom
Appearance: A BBW woman with a nurturing presence
Symbol: A gust of wind
Followers: Sailors, travelers, and those who seek freedom and adventure.
Role: Hahda represents the ever-changing nature of life, inspiring freedom and exploration.
Hun Po, God of Earth

Domains: Earth, Nature, Protection
Appearance: A large, sumo wrestler-like man or a Hagrid-style figure
Symbol: A mountain with deep roots
Followers: Farmers, builders, and protectors of the land.
Role: Hun Po embodies strength, stability, and growth, protecting and nurturing the earth.
Evess, Goddess of Water

Domains: Water, Healing, Transformation
Appearance: A slender woman with a calm demeanor
Symbol: A flowing wave
Followers: Healers, fishermen, and those who seek transformation and renewal.
Role: Evess symbolizes purification, healing, and the flow of life, guiding those in need of change.
Radsu, Aspect of Luck

Domains: Trickery, Luck, Fortune
Appearance: A rogue-like man with a mischievous smile
Symbol: A four-leaf clover
Followers: Rogues, gamblers, and those who thrive on chance.
Role: Radsu brings fortune and chance, guiding those who dare to take risks.
Gar'ceey, God of Intellect

Domains: Knowledge, Arcana, Wisdom
Appearance: Resembling the singer from the Grateful Dead, with a relaxed, wise demeanor
Symbol: An open book
Followers: Scholars, wizards, and seekers of knowledge.
Role: Gar'ceey inspires wisdom, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge.
Abne, Aspect of Restraint

Domains: Order, Protection, Discipline
Appearance: A British lawyer, dignified and stern
Symbol: A pair of scales
Followers: Judges, monks, and those who value discipline and order.
Role: Abne represents law, order, and self-discipline, guiding those who seek balance and justice.
Cleric Alignments and Roles
Clerics in the Faith of Omne align themselves with one of the aspects, embodying their principles and spreading their teachings.

Nekti’s Clerics: Fire-wielders, warriors, and passionate creators.
Hahda’s Clerics: Stormcallers, wanderers, and those who cherish freedom.
Hun Po’s Clerics: Earthwardens, druids, and protectors of the land.
Evess’s Clerics: Healers, seafarers, and agents of transformation.
Radsu’s Clerics: Luckbringers, tricksters, and risk-takers.
Gar'ceey’s Clerics: Scholars, mages, and wise counselors.
Abne’s Clerics: Judges, enforcers, and disciplined monks.
Worship and Rituals
Worship: Worship is often personal and reflective, with small shrines at home. Temples dedicated to individual aspects are rare but significant.

Rituals: Common rituals include:

Nekti: Fire rituals and forge blessings.
Hahda: Open-air ceremonies and wind blessings.
Hun Po: Harvest festivals and planting rites.
Evess: Water purification rites and healing ceremonies.
Radsu: Gambling games and chance rituals.
Gar'ceey: Knowledge sharing and arcane ceremonies.
Abne: Legal judgments and meditation practices.
Divine Interventions and Miracles
The aspects are more likely to intervene in the world than Omne, often in subtle ways that reflect their domains:

Nekti: Unexpected courage or bursts of inspiration.
Hahda: Safe passage through storms or sudden winds.
Hun Po: Bountiful harvests or natural fortifications.
Evess: Miraculous healings or transformative events.
Radsu: Unbelievable luck or fortunate turns of events.
Gar'ceey: Sudden insights or discoveries.
Abne: Acts of justice or moments of profound discipline.
Role of the Aspects
The aspects serve as the tangible connection between mortals and Omne, each providing a unique lens through which followers can understand and interact with the divine. Their distinct personalities and domains allow for a diverse and engaging religious experience, offering rich role-playing opportunities and complex storylines in your campaign.