Radsu, Aspect of Luck

Physical Appearance: Radsu is a rogue-like man with an air of mischief and charm. He has a lean, athletic build, perfect for quick movements and agility. His skin is a light tan, suggesting a life lived under the sun. Radsu’s eyes are a bright, mischievous green, constantly twinkling with amusement and cunning. His hair is dark and tousled, giving him a roguish, devil-may-care look. He dresses in practical, yet stylish clothes suitable for a wanderer, often in shades of dark green and brown, with a long, dark cloak.
Notable Features: Radsu’s smile is infectious and often carries a hint of mischief. He moves with a cat-like grace, and his fingers are always quick and nimble. His voice is smooth and persuasive, often filled with laughter.