5e Fonts

This is a copy of Solbera's CC-BY-SA-4.0 fonts taken from his Reddit thread, combined with Ryrok's fixes from this Reddit thread and fixes and additions by Ners ("Remake").

The following table contains names and usage details:

Original Font Solbera's/Ners' Font Usage
Bookmania Bookinsanity (Remake) Body text
Scala Sans Caps Scaly Sans Caps Monster Manual quotes
Modesto Bold Condensed Nodesto Caps Condensed Book and card titles
Mrs Eaves Small Caps Mr Eaves Small Caps (Remake) Headings
Dai Vernon Misdirect Zatanna Misdirection Titles of tables
Scala Sans Scaly Sans (Remake) Tables
(unknown) Solbera Imitation Drop caps
(unknown) Dungeon Drop Case (Ners) Drop caps

source: https://github.com/jonathonf/solbera-dnd-fonts

5e Statblocks

source: https://codepen.io/retractedhack/pen/gPLpWe

Death Certificates

source: Crawling Dungeon